“No chocolate for you! You need to healthy stuff!!”

I bet they are eating the chocolate themselves.

Chocolate Underground’s first episode actually came out June 12th, but the subbed version just came out yesterday so here it is.

 Huntley and Smudger The story follows Huntley and Smudger (shown below but I don’t know who’s who) who are fed up with the “No Chocolate Law.” So, they decide to bootleg chocolate. The 1st episode, being only 5 min. didn’t show much but mainly introduced the “Law of No Chocolate” and some characters (kinda).





There is also Louise (shown right) who works in a bakery with her Grandma. When I saw the bakery I thought, “How the heck can they have a bakery with no chocolate, no sweets, no chocolate, no sweets, no chocolate, no sweets- Oh, and did I mention: NO CHOCOLATE AND NO SWEETS!!!”

I had the same reaction when they were offered the “Dreadful Dry Biscuit.” I hope they never go to the Furukawa’s Bakery (I’m talking about Clannad, for those of you who don’t know or for those of you who are a bit slow).Dry Biscuit Attack!

But after I calmed down a bit about the bakery part, I realized… that a bakery can just have bread. And that’s it. It doesn’t need to have sweets… Yeah~

The first episode wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing. It was okay. I don’t think that they even said anyone’s name (or maybe they did and I just completely missed it, I have the names up there because I went and searched for them). But it seems like it might get better as it goes along. Especially~ I wonder how this will turn out:


It seems that their might be some rabudabu ^^ Kyaa~~ ♥ Who will get Louise-chan’s heart? In the worst case scenario: NO ONE. In the best case scenario: SOMEONE.

You know, from that angle, the boy on the right looks like Miharu-san from Nabari no Ou.

So, I’ll be waiting for the next episode to come out subbed (since it’s already out raw). I hope things will get better and more info regarding this series such as seiyuus, characters and such stuff will come soon. Oh! I’m so happy there’s not a lot of work for my Biology class right now. I get to blog more. ^^

Louise-chanSo, give Chocolate Underground a try, I mean, it’s only 5 min. Look at Louise-chan. She has grabbed the TV remote and is ready to flip the channel to watch it, too.

I might even read the book (yeah, it’s from a book, not a manga). But that’s right after I read Howl’s Moving Castle.