Every week I’ll be focusing on a certain anime. I will write about random things concerning that certain anime. This week is Aria!

Okay, our first item up for bid is:

Mizunashi Akari

Akari Mizunashi

Akari-chan is a very cute 15-year-old girl who has a dream to become a Prima Undine. And if you’ve watched any anime long enough you’ll know that she does achieve her dream. The reason we continue to watch it is because we want to see how.

So, anyways, she leaves Man-Home and goes to Aqua (which would be on Mars) to be an undine. She ends up training at a place called Aria Company. The only people occupying this company was Alicia Florence and a Mars cat named Aria. Aria-sachou (saichou = President) has the IQ of a human, just like other Mars cats do.

Now, all together they make 3. There’s Akari-chan, Alicia-san, and Aria-sachou. Notice anything? All their names start with the letter A! It’s not only here, though. Every single character in this anime has their name starting with the letter A.




Moving on~ Akari-chan is the type of person to always bring a smile to your face, or at least tries her best to do so. She’s the optimistic of the group just like her senpai, Alicia-san.

Just like everyone else in the anime, she has own special phrase that she says. Akari-chan is known for saying, “Hahi~~.” Now, of course, you have to have friends. Akari-chan’s friends are both from different undine companies. There’s Aika-chan from Himeya and then there’s Alice-chan from Orange Planet. Aika’s phrase is, “Hazukashii serifu kinshi!!” which translates to, “Embarring remarks are not allowed!!” That phrase is usually directed to Akari-chan. And Alice-chan’s phrase would be… well it’s not really a phrase, it’s more like her favorite word to use… Well, it would be, “Dekkai” which would be used in some way, shape or form. Which, by the way, would translate to something like, “totally.”



Akari-chan is voiced by Hazuki Erino, who doesn’t have many roles surprisingly. Considering she does excellent in acting out Akari-chan’s voice, she should have some major roles.

I’ve seen the 1st and 3rd season in its entirety, but I’ve only seen 3 episodes of the 2nd season so I don’t have complete information. Also, I haven’t read all the manga yet.



If there could be one thing that can be added into the anime, I would ask for some rabu-dabu (lovey-dovey). At least between Akari-chan and Akatsuki-san. ♥ Apparently, from what I read, Akatsuki-san may claim to love Alicia-san but that in one episode, it is hinted that he likes Akari-chan. And, I must know what episode it is if that statement is true. So, if you know tell me, please. ^^


So, if you have managed to read all this, give yourself a pat on the back. It actually took me two sittings to write this post. Right after I wrote the paragraph about Akari-chan’s voice actor, I went to go eat some pizza and didn’t come back to write this until like 2 hours later.

Also, if there’s something you want me to write about concerning the anime of the week just write it down in the comments. ^^ So, yes, look forward to many posts of the future!!