Florence Alicia


Florence Alicia is Akari-chan’s senpai at Aria Company. She is a Prima Undine and she is one of the “Water Faeries” of Neo-Venezia. Along with Aria-sachou and Akari-chan, she runs Aria Company.

Due to fear, Alicia-san has taken in only Akari-chan as her kohai (junior). But, nevertheless, everyday is still fun for the trio. ^^


There are 3 Water Faeries with Alicia-san being one of them. The other 2 are Alicia-san’s friends: Athena-chan from Orange Planet and Akira-san from Himeya. Alicia-san is well-known so she brings many customers to Aria Company. Being a Prima Undine is actually hard work and you’re very busy all the time.

Just like Akari-chan (and everone else for that matter), she has her own little phrase. “Ara ara,” she says over and over. So you’ll see the, “My, my,” posted many times across the subs when she’s talking. ^^


Alicia-san is 19 years old… Gya! I just realized something! Okay, apparently, at the end of the anime she gets married to some guy who is unknown to the viewers (well, I don’t know if he’s shown in the manga or anything but…). She gets married, and she’s only 19. Sure, it’s not bad to get married at that age, but still… she seems kinda young. And where the heck did that guy came from!? I really need to watch the 2nd season and finish reading the manga. Kyaa~ Xl

Alicia-san’s personality and mannerisms (<- is that the right word?) reminds me of Belldandy-san from Ah! My Goddess. They act very much the same except Belldandy-san can get drunk from just drinking Coke and Alicia-san can hold her liquid extremely well (so I’ve heard). Also, I think it’ll be funny to see Alicia-san get jealous like Belldandy-san. ^^ 


Belldandy and Keiichi

 Maybe Alicia-san married someone who looks like Keiichi-kun. ^^


So, lovely Alicia-san is voiced by Ohara Sayaka. Ohara-san does many notable roles. She is currently woking in Code Geass as Milly-san and in XXXHOLiC: Kei as Yuuko-san. Alicia-san and Yuuko-san are 2 completely different people so it feels kinda weird to hear Alicia-san in Yuuko-san and vice versa.

Alicia-san and Akari-chan!!

So, I’ll be leaving off on this note: Everyone in Aria is so wonderful. The entire series is practically wonderful. Yes, it is slow and such, but it is beautiful. I bring this up in this post because I know that a lot of people look at it and think that it’s nothing special. If anything, I recommend you to watch it at least right before you go to sleep. It relaxes you~~ ^^

Goodbye everyone! Remember, if you want anything to be talked about, just comment below. ^^